My name is Imanol Murcia. I am originally from Spain.


I am enthusiastic about working as a modeling and texturing artist, to me it is not only a Job, it's a lifestyle. 


Since I was a child I have spent many hours drawing everything I've seen around. I also love using computers, so I was bound to start modelling in 3D.


I use fluently 3DSMax, Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop, Uvlayout, Xnormal, Autocad and I can learn quickly the software you need.


I have participated in many courses to learn quickly. My last course was organized by the great ANIMUMSCHOOL academy, where I have been able to learn from many greatest professionals such as José M.Lazaro, Luis Labrador, Julio Cesar Espada and many others than I could name.


After collaborating as 3D artist in the videogame PREHISTORY  where I made characters and props with their own textures.  In this videogame we needed to work with many object in the scene so we needed to have very Low poly objects and characters, now I am working in new personal projects about I will update soon.


Other passions that I have are videogames, anime, traveling and seeing all these little things that make life beautiful.


I am prepared to travel around the world looking for modelling and learning, because these two things never end for me.


So I hope my website has been interesting to you and that we can work togheter one day.


See you!



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